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United Workers Of America



Established in 2002, UWA is an established union with excellent contracts with over 30 companies covering over 1000 employees. Business agents work full time for the union, and their only obligation is to the locals and members. Their function is to service the contracts, negotiate the contracts, and help unorganized workers, establish the union at their place of employment.

We firmly believe our Union can help to achieve a greater standard of living for you and your family and to increase respect from management on the job.

Join with us for a better tomorrow. Sign a UWA authorization card today!

Stephen G. Sombrotto


Stephen has been an active member of the Union since its inception, and involved in the labor movement over twenty-five years. Stephen has an innate sense of leadership and has successfully negotiated numerous agreements that have improved the lives of many members. He is married and the father of three.

Ernest Amuquandoh


Ernest Amuquandoh of the manufacturing division comes served as a Shop Steward for many years. His tireless efforts on behalf of his co-workers has led to secured member health benefits 100% paid for by the Employer. In a difficult industry Ernest has fought tirelessly to protect workers so they can provide for their families. Ernest has diligently resolved many problems before they become grievances and remains one of the most respected Stewards in our Union.

Michael Lovullo


Michael Lovullo has been extremely involved in the Union since his assistance was instrumental in organizing workers in New Jersey State. Lovullo along with the bargaining committee was able to resolve an over two year dispute with an Employer in which employees received significant retro-active wages. Lovullo has also won many grievances which have resulted in terminated employees being reinstated.

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